Saturday, 15 December 2012

Is Preschool Education As Important As It Is Believed to Be?

Parents are so concerned about the education of their children; they start to prepare them from a very early age. It is in Kindergarten that children really begin to learn the basics of education. However, before entering Kindergarten, parents should ensure children are equipped to enter it by sending them to Preschools.
However, according to experts in early child care, parents are doing more harm than good by pressurizing children to learn to count, identify letters, learn to read etc, which they will do easily when they enter Kindergarten. They insist there are other important and beneficial skills children require when they enter Kindergarten, for which Preschool can prepare them.
Children enter school from various backgrounds, with diverse levels of social as well as emotional maturity. A preschool should provide your children chances to start and develop positive qualities like confidence, independence, motivation, curiosity, persistence, cooperation, self-control, empathy and much more.
It is important that children believe in their abilities and dare to take new tasks. They should not give up upon failure, for which confidence in them is required. Preschool can do a lot to boost confidence level in the little ones. When children enter Preschool they are dependent on their parents so much, it is the Preschool preparation that should teach them independence so that they can do things on their own.
Children must learn out of their own will and not through pressure. Preschool should motivate them to learn with interest. Similarly, Preschool should be able to retain the natural curiosity of children so that they can acquire the most from all the learning opportunities they get.
Persistence is another quality that makes a successful person. Many of us start a project or work with enthusiasm, but lack the persistence to complete it successfully. Work left half done speaks poorly of a person. Children should be taught to finish an activity for which persistence is a must.
Man is a social being. In order to be successful in our daily life we should be able to move along with others in a pleasant and effective way. Preschool teaches qualities like cooperation so that the child get along with fellow students, take turns and learn the art of sharing.
If your child has the habit of throwing tantrums and making a fuss when he does not get what he wants, Preschool is the instrument to teach him self control. Here children are taught to express anger in an acceptable and good way. Hitting and shouting are bad ways of expressing anger.
Above all children should have empathy for others. Understanding the feelings of others and respecting a second opinion makes a good human being. Preschool education should help children attain all the basic qualities to be a good human being and move on to advanced learning in Kindergarten.
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